Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Moon Writing

One million years ago there was no moon. Until an asteroid hit the earth. Part of the earth came off and grew into the moon. The part that got destroyed regrew. Alex, Liam and Elliot felt sad for earth.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Term 2

This term the value we are focusing on is Responsibility(Kawenga). I will take responsibility for my learning and deliberately enter the 'learning pit'.
The Learning Pit from Kenilworth Learning on Vimeo.
I will use my initiative, as well as, take responsibility for myself and my belongings. I don't want to get 'stuck on the escalator'!

Planet Earth & Beyond Pre Assessment

This term we are studying ‘Planet Earth and Beyond’. Part of this Inquiry includes looking at how we get shadows, as well as day and night. Over the term we will be doing different investigations to better our understanding. Below is a sample of my current thinking.

Message to mum